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Order & Booking

1. Search your tickets

Search your Shinkansen or Express tickets through JAPAN BULLET TRAIN. You can book both inside and outside of Japan.

Adults and children are classified as below.


12 years old and above.


6-11 years old (6 year old children who have not entered elementary school still count as “Pre-school child”). Child tickets are half the price of adult tickets.

Pre-school child

1-5 years old.


Younger than 1 year old.

In some special cases, you will need to purchase a ticket regardless if you have an accompanying “newborn” or “Pre-school child”:

  • If the number of accompanying newborns/pre-school children exceed 2, you will be charged the price of 1 child ticket per additional baby.
  • When a newborn or pre-school child uses a reserved seat.
  • When a newborn or pre-school child travels alone.

2. Complete your order

Please check out and complete your order after selecting your tickets. At this point, your order is NOT confirmed yet. Our agents will purchase your tickets once your order has been requested. The ticket confirmation process typically takes up to 48 hours.

Payment method:

  • Credit Card (Visa / Master / American Express / JCB / Diners)
  • Please be aware that Shinkansen tickets can only be purchased up to one month prior your departure date, as per Japan Railway regulations.
  • While we make every effort to secure your tickets promptly, if your desired seats are unavailable for the intended departure date and time, we will contact you immediately for rescheduling or provide a full refund.

3. Receive a QR code

We will send you a QR code to your email after confirming your tickets.

  • Please be aware that You CANNOT board with the QR code that you will receive after your order. You need to acquire your physical tickets using the QR code before boarding the train.

4. Get your physical tickets

Visit a designated JR station counter or ticketing machine to complete the exchange process and get your physical tickets using the QR code.

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Order & Booking